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Al Rowad Trading Co. LLC Head Office

Al Rowad Trading Company L.L.C., established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in April 1985. Al Rowad is the exclusive agent and distributor of several high quality brands in confectionary, biscuits, coffee, sugar free, specialty chocolates (Gelatin free, GMO free), sugar and salt substitutes in addition to tissues and stand-up steamers. We operate mainly and directly in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC) and occasionally in the Middle East and South Africa (MENA). The brands presented are from several parts of the world but mostly from: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Malaysia.

Products Range

Chocolates & Confectionary Chocolates are Al Rowad’s main specialty and strength. Our brands cover: chocolates, biscuits, candies, lollipops, jelly, spread chocolates, sugar-free and others. Chocolate items include several types and come in different packing: bars, bulk, gift boxes, sea shells, 1 to 5 kg bags and loose single wrap and double wrap chocolates. We also supply factories, bakeries and catering services with chocolates for industrial usage, spread chocolate, jams, wafer and biscuits. These are manufactured in packing suitable for industrial consumption like big cubes (1 kg to 10 kg) or big bags with (5kg to 25 kg).

Personal-Care Items

Al Rowad has proved its capability in the non-food trading specially the personal-care items. Al Rowad introduced to the market some of the biggest brands in tissue known in Europe. Our range includes kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, table napkin, pocket tissues and facial. In addition we supply tissues for catering needs and big kitchens. We also distribute high quality brands for shampoos, soaps and shower gels.

Stand-up steamers

Stand-up steamers are heavy duty steamers used in clothing and fashion shops to quickly iron cloths and fabrics on the stand or on the display. They are useful for all businesses dealing with fabrics and want to display it elegantly and crease freewith high efficiency and low running cost.Today, even houses found this device a necessity because of its speed and great results. Al Rowad provides high quality and unique steamers from UK (PropressSteamers). We provide one year warranty, repair services and spare parts for all Propress machines. Check out www.propress.co.uk

Other Items

Al Rowad is always in the market listening and responding to its changes. When our clients request us to provide a type of item that they need, we usually respond positively to our clients’ needs and try to provide it at a competitive price. We have been rewarded highly from this approach as it has opened for us several lines of trading and distribution including:

  • Coffee
  • Retail Furniture: The type of furniture ones can find in retail shops such as tea tables, desks, cupboards, shelves and others, in wood and plastic forms.
  • Bathroom Showers Accessories.

Note: For more details about our products, brands names and description please refer to Our Products and Our Brands.

Markets and Customers

Al Rowad Trading covers professionally and effectively several types of markets. This includes:

  • Duty free market: Dubai Duty Free.
  • Retail markets: Carrefour Hypermarket, Lulu Hypermarket, BaqirMohebi Supermarket, HyperPanda, Geant, KM Trading, Al Madeena Supermarket and others.
  • Whole sale market: Nahla Trading, Sweet Marts, Sultan Sayed and others.
  • Export market: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Singapore, some African countries and GCC in general.
  • Roasteries: Al Dori Roastery, Ghernada. Istanbul Market and other.
  • Gas Station: Enoc and Adnoc.
  • Groceries.

Each market has a special team dedicate to it. Within each team are groups divided to concentrate on certain brands. Most of our growth comes from new ideas that our teams explore and discover from their interaction with the customers, as well as seeking new customers and markets for our existing brands.

Al Rowad’s Structure

Al Rowad Trading is established upon a strong base of principles of integrity and hard work. Al Rowad own and operates a strong backbone support system enabling us to be successful and growing. This system represented in a professional team of sales managers, brands manager, salesmen, merchandisers, a big fleet of cooled vans and canters and trucks, and several warehouse operated with high standards by us.

Regionally, Al Rowad operates in United Arab Emirates, in Qatar and Oman; with a total man power of +200. We also have sister companies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Al Rowad as a Partner

Our long relationship with our suppliers is a clear clue for the value business we are doing. We treat our supplier’s brands as our brands and we put all the possible effort and investment to create the brand in the market.

Al Rowad gives the best chance for each brand. When we deal with a new brand or item we assign one of the senior sales managers with the task of creating the market for the product. The manager, who already has an experience with similar successful items, proceeds with the mission vigorously and professionally. After the item got the required momentum and its sales starts to pick up the senior sales manager hand out the brand to the sales manager to follow up with item and distribute the tasks to the different brand managers in different market sections.

Periodically checkups are done for the sales of each brand/item, and plans are put to increase its growth.

If you are looking for a partner in the region, Al Rowad can give a huge start off for new brands. This is partly of its experience and approach, but also partly that it has strong established brands that can left up new brands and give it a good head start through logistic, financial and relation support.

Integrity is one of our core values, it has been tested through the years and proved to be true based on the fact of its long relationship with the manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Don’t take our word for it, you can ask any of our high esteem suppliers and manufacturers.

Trading with Values, Trading with Confidence

Established by hardworking, built step by step while learning from the process, taking each step seriously, and learning by mistakes, trials and errors, the company has flourished during difficult times and grew continuously to the date.

We at Al Rowad understand the nature and difficulties of the market. We are always in the field and in the move and we live the challenges. We realize that without continuous pushing, support and follow up, results required won’t be delivered.

Also, and more importantly, we understand the value of principle. We lead our life with ethical approaches and try to stick to the high values in all operation. We deeply believe, and consider it as a true fact, that trading with value is the only way for long term growth and existence.

Al Rowad depends on flexibility. With the market changing with fasr pace, being rigid is a way to perish. We listen to the market to predict the new coming waves. We look for new approaches, usages of advance technology and studying the latest market trends. We award our employees for any innovation that helps us to adjust and work more efficiently.

This is a summary for a long, successful and in going story called Al Rowad. We at Al Rowad are proud in our achievements, employees, suppliers and customers. And with Allah helps, we are proceeding to yet a brighter future with confidence.